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Why Your Support for Laowhy86 and SerpentZA Makes You Complicit in White Supremacy

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Laowhy86 (Matthew Tye) and SerpentZA (Winston Sterzel) are both popular “China Vloggers” in the west. Their primary audience is simple. White men that fetishize Asian culture and women, who reminisce for the old colonial days when Britain and America were on top of the imperial food chain. Although, these two have lived in China for around 7-10 years, they continue to hold their racist and contemptuous views against Chinese people albeit reaping the benefits from an ascending China. They use words like ”disgusting, backwards, brainwashed” to describe the people of China within their vlogs.

These two grifters are held in high esteem within the western Anglosphere for their anti-CCP rhetoric and content which are also one of the factors to be the cause of the rise in Asian hate crime within the West.

Be aware of these so called “China Experts”. Ever since 10 years ago when TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) became a trend, there is a certain subgroup of white males that hi-jacked this profession in order to go to Asia to teach English. Some went to Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, and China. Why? Because they went there expected to be praised and worshipped for knowing… English. Yes, that is correct. These types of men are losers in their own country, so they go to other Global south nations to be worshipped. After getting what they want, they immediately revert to their racist views and ideologies in order to reinforce their standing in the world. Their view of their self worth is directly tied to white supremacy. This is why a strong Asian nation like China inevitably decreases their desirability and sexual value. Look how misogynistic and obsessed these people are with Chinese girls and “China’s Sexuality” in serpentZA's YouTube video thumbnails below.

This is exactly why these Youtubers laowhy86 and serpentZA are so anti-China. True, there is an inevitable fear of China rising as the world’s #1 superpower. However, incels (which are predominantly white males) like these two vloggers cannot stand the rise of a nonwestern power. Many times, when these people get called out for their racism and bigotry, their typical response against this backlash is “ Oh, I’ve dated Chinese Women How can I be racist? “ or “Oh, I have a Chinese wife, how can I be racist?” Does any of this sound familiar? It is exactly what a white male would say when they get called out for their outward racism. It’s the same ol’ defense mechanism.

In case you are not convinced of their malign intent, tell me exactly how you are not considered a colonizer with a colonizer mentality when you literally have documentaries that are called “Conquering Northern China” and “Conquering Southern China”. Imagine if the same terminology was used like "Conquering Northern Africa" or "Conquering Southern Africa". But because it is totally politically acceptable and even encouraged to hate on China and Chinese people in the west, these people do not get called out for it. No media backlash, whatsoever.

Just to be clear, these two clowns did not conquer shit even though they wish they had. Chinese people are stronger than ever before with the military, technology, culture, and finances to take on any and all western oppressors and parasites alike. Just look at how Laowhy86 disrespects unmarked graves in Taiwan just to capture shock value for his trashy vlog.

Source: laowhy86

Notice how he talks to his distressed wife as he yells "shut up" to her as he keeps on digging the bones out. These are the same people that proclaim they love Taiwan and Chinese people. They love Taiwan because they love to see Asians divided and fight against each other. The issues in Taiwan and Hong Kong has always been political weapon used by White supremacists as you can see from the U.S. Neo-Con support of HK rioters and Xinjiang separatists while simultaneously denouncing Black Lives Matter protests. But I will write another article to expose this dynamic at another time. The point is, these people see Taiwanese people as inferior as well, and the disrespect of the unmarked grave as exhibited by Laowhy86 shows this contempt. It is also illegal as to do this as rapper Xiangyu pointed out:

We need to not only condemn these racists, but we to organize to take them down. Talk does not help at all as they have a wide support base of racist western validation. Disinfotainment vloggers such as these are the ones that appeal to the lowest common denominator of western society. Their appeal and validation expose the wider issue of the West’s sense of entitlement and pristine superiority. Their YouTube videos are literal brain rot opium that’s only purpose is to validate the racist views of their audience (white male boomers, racists, and self-hating Asians alike) with constant lies and disinformation. In addition they are boosted by YouTube and other destabilizing U.S. NGOs to spread their sinophobic propaganda since the U.S. did allocate $300 million to promote a propaganda campaign to counter Chinese influence .

The level of disrespect these people show. The constant dehumanization of Chinese people and their choice of governance, the constant belittling of Chinese people’s intellect, and self-determination after living in China for so many years, you would think that they would at least have an objective viewpoint on why China works the way it does. And ultimately, the worst is knowing the history and tragedies that happened in China and still purposefully exacerbating the wound of the collective Chinese conscious with photos such as these while they are living in China.

Note: If you tried wearing this in Nanjing, you will get clapped. Look up Rape of Nanjing.

Interestingly, Sex at Dawn co-author Christopher Ryan promoted them on his website. Colonizers are gonna colonize right? In typical white male incel manner the commenter below just had to assert “ Just a reminder that western domination of China goes way back”. This is what these people are about.

People of this ilk, keep on fantasizing about a time when they can go back and dominate China. It’s time to fight back against these psychopaths with all of our collective might. The reason why these sexpats hate China is because the Chinese government and the people does not allow them to feel like “gods” anymore and this acutely irks them. These two are not the only cases. It is a widely recognized social phenomenon that white male boomers, and their spawns go to Asia to fulfill their sexual gratification and to lift their egos.

This is why the Chinese government is so effective at keeping white supremacy in check. Just look at how China banned predatory English teaching. This is 100% the basest thing to do in order to keep white Anglo supremacy in check. Never again can white supremacists mentally masturbate at the fact that English is the "lingua franca". China has rejected this. Consequently, we are all seeing such a strong backlash against China for these very reasons. The people of the world have spoken, the people of China has spoken, and we here at the Western Critic hope that the rest of Asia will follow suit.

Also, for all of you Asians, particularly East Asians/Chinese that support him take a look here:

You guys really think they are just criticizing the Chinese government? Or is there is a deeper racism and contempt that is entrenched in everything they do? The following reddit comment sums it up really well.

I leave you all with this for inspiration on how we need to treat people like laowhy86 and serpentZA. Even this video is too tamed in my opinion for all they have done to demonize us.

Source YouTube Vittu Perkele: Fat Shady (谢帝Xie Di) - Fuck Off Foreigners (瓜老外Gua Laowai)

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