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What the collapse of the United States might look like...

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Ever since the capital attack, civil war egged on by general societal malaise and hyper-partisanship, seems on the horizon. If the U.S. does decide to split up again this is how it might go down.

The wealth divide in the U.S. is one of the most extreme in the world. The richest 1% own so much societal wealth that the average U.S. citizen is two times poorer than the average urbanite in China. Nigeria, an impoverished and war-stricken country, now has high speed rail before the U.S. thus increasing the sense of hopelessness as the third world starts to surpass the first in quality of life. It is estimated that since the 90's, the opinions of the general public have statistically influenced zero policy decisions leading to widespread anger and frustration with the system on both sides of the political isle.

That's not to mention a riled up minority population. The African Americans who make up 14% of the U.S. feel the sting of police brutality through highly publicized police killings. Lacking jobs, security and a sense of solidarity with the rest of the country, they begin to take to the streets to spread their frustration and anger with a system that has only abused them.

The richest 1%, locked in their ivory towers or protected by an upper middle class afraid the lose their position, increasingly become more arrogant and fraught with their wealth angering the poor.

The far right, who seem themselves as the biggest losers in a country that is becoming increasingly diverse, organize militias and white nationalist rallies in order to preserve some semblance of the their fake superiority. Despite generations of incest, poverty and general stupidity, they manage the pull off an unprecedented capital attack by simply walking into the building. The wealthy elite, too ingratiated with their own self image to care, begin to fear for their safety and public opinion for the first time in their lives.

The phrase 'eat the rich' becomes commonplace as kids around the country starve due to the economic fallout from the coronavirus. The country, bought by special interest groups from around the world seeking its destruction, begins to fall apart. The federal budget goes towards funding weapon programs of other nations in the middle east instead of the people. The west breaks away and establishes their own liberal paradise in response to friction with the white supremacist federal government. They begin to stop interstate travel and begin to setup their own governmental systems.

The South does the same and the federal government is too slow and just too embroiled in its own minor politics to give these potential uprisings the time they need. Eventually a president is chosen and martial law is instituted around the land angering the white nationalists of the South, the African Americans of the South and the liberals of the West. Brutal race riots start to happen between African American gangs and white militants.

The federal government begins to send in the national guard and the army, but they're too divided with the military embroiled in its own internal divisions to launch a quick effective response.

Then chaos breaks loose. The Chinese drop all forms of U.S. debt in response to the CIA funding of secessionists in Hong Kong. The petrodollar collapses as the middle east shifts its partnerships towards East Asia. The savings of the few middle class Americans left collapses and chaos breaks out across the country. People begin robbing stores, taking bitter revenge on different races. It's the LA riots all over again but except in every city around the country.

The federal government, staffed with so many racists and white nationalists, prioritize breaking the African American community's spirit and ignore the looming threat of western secessionism. The West and the South succeeds and the federal government declares war on these newly declared states.

Perhaps if its was just the west that has technological power but lacks military strength or the South that has military veterans but lacks technological power the federal government could've stopped the secessionists uprising. But the military, or at least the part of the military that is still loyal to the federal government, overextends itself as it begins its two front war.

In the South, African Americans begin fighting against these newly succeeded Southern states and attempt to form their own sovereign union. The black panthers become militant warriors but ultimately much of the communities get wiped out in the crossfire between the South and the North. The West begins its skirmishes with both the South and the former United States.

Other countries, particularly China and Russia, sense the American malaise and carve up spheres of influence. Suddenly the U.S. military isn't just fighting rioters and secessionists but foreign forces attempting to create chaos across the land.

What ultimately transpires is the end of the union. None of the sides manage to achieve a decisive victory and populations of all three are devastated in several nuclear strikes. "DEATH TO AMERICA!" What began as a terrorist slogan becomes a reality as the U.S. violently fades away.

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