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Western Propaganda is Everywhere and is Built by Spying on People

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Western Propaganda is everywhere. Take a look at this chart that demonstrates how the U.S. government distributes propaganda for international headlines.

Or this Chart. See if you can spot a liberal and a conservative news outlet in the same category.

This...this is the illusion of choice. It doesn't matter what party, ideology, newspaper or TV channel you hold dear. They may have virulent disagreements but they are all united, they are all controlled by the same few entities.

Al Jazeera is a newscaster hailing from the United Arab Emirates to serve a primarily Muslim. Fox news is a Foxxcon corporate conservative broadcaster from the United States.

What do they have in common?

On the surface not much but both are assets of the five eyes alliance, an intelligence group of English speaking countries. This is not a friendly organization as the Five Eyes has seemingly targeted every good person, every organization that goes against their ambitions including paragons of virtue, humanitarians, non-white important figures, etc.

This is a small sample list of all the organizations they [the five eyes] have targeted:

Raise your hand if you have used Google. Raise your hand if you have used a credit card with Visa. Raise your hand if you have purchased oil from Chevron, B.P, 76, etc.

If you have associations with any of these companies the Five Eyes has an extensive psychological profile on you.

They know that you have a [insert your vice] addiction, what your favorite TV shows are and what clothes you like the buy.

They know that you met up with that girl a couple weeks ago and they know that you like brown puppies with big eyes.

They know you have some unsavory opinions of black people and that you've messaged a cute girl and stalked her on social media

They even know the future. They know you are probably going to develop depression and know exactly when you will have suicidal thoughts.

It is scary how much they know about every one of you...

And while I could naively hope and pray that they use this information for a good cause... but this is a shadowy government we are talking about.

Check out this list of people the five eyes have targeted.

Charlie Chaplin? The same Chaplin who made a famous speech about how war destroys people?

Nelson Mandella? The same Mandella who was famous for being a paragon of peace in South Africa?

Maybe Ali Khamenei I can understand (he is the Supreme leader of Iran) but some of the greatest leaders of the 20th century who spent their lives advocating for peace and love were targeted by the five eyes.

The list of targets demonstrates the character of the five eyes. Anyone who is anti-war and pro peace is actually anti- Western government and will be met with sanctions, assassinations and surveillance.

To the Western world, free thinkers who want to spread peace and love are in the same group as the Supreme Leader of Iran who funded terrorism around the world.

Sources and Further Reading on the Five Eyes:

Sources and Further Reading on Social Media & Surveillance:

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