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The Western Hypocrisy of The Chinese Weather (Not Spy) Balloon Incident

Updated: Feb 11

It is February of 2023, we are edging closer and closer to a devastating conventional war with China because of US empire meddling in Asia Pacific.

Racists yet again taking their masks off, using racial epithets and screaming “weather barroon” as they make fun of a middle-aged Tiktok creator of Chinese descent while speaking about the weather balloon issue.

Lets not forget that anti-Chinese sentiment is literally institutionalized and funded in the US with $300 million dollars just to smear China, especially when it is written into law and codified that “Chinese influence” is inherently “maligned”. What does this say to Chinese-Americans, especially the young ones about their place in this world?

The sentiment in the U.S. is clear as day, whether you are white, black, brown, or even yellow. It is okay to gaslight, hate, and kill Chinese people. We are moving closer towards that scenario day by day.

You have a four-star general of the United States, Michael A. Minihan stating that a war with China in 2025 is possible. Make no mistake, this is all planned and designed. US officials know that war with China is possible, because they will make it so. As long as China exists, China will always be a threat to the country that is built on white supremacy, imperialism, colonization, and slavery.

By default, an East Asian country can never be allowed to be on par or surpass a white country built upon so-called “pristine” European values, hence there will ALWAYS be a double standard of how POC (People of Color) are treated within western countries and even within their own countries for that matter! Sovereignty and self-determination are incompatible with the so called “International rules-based order” aka American hegemony, aka white supremacy.

Amusingly, Canada had a rouge whether balloon incident as well back in 1998 which flew towards Britain and was perceived as a quirky event. Let’s take a look at the media headline for this incident. Notice the neutrality of the language in the headline.

Fast forward today, look at what western media says about it when it suddenly involves China. It is simply framed as an act of aggression. Look at the incendiary language "Furor", "Chinese", "Spy", "Crisis".

In the eye of the west, China and ultimately Chinese people are GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. There is evidence of this everywhere, especially in academia and even law enforcement. I would definitely think twice if you truly believe that you are safe from racial discrimination in the US as an Asian man and serve in the police force or military.

The biggest problem right now is that literally the WHOLE US, including it’s citizens, netizens, politicians, journalists are all calling it a “Spy Balloon” because apparently, giving the China the benefit of the doubt is an irredeemable sin even though they all know China can take pictures of the nuclear silos in Montana with hi-tech satellites already. Not to mention, these weather balloons “literally go where the wind blows” according to this article by Sciencealert. But it’s no surprise that Sinophobes will spin what they can to make China look as malevolent as possible. Meanwhile the US has bases all surrounding China while saying that China is a "threat to their security". Talk about "insecure". Sometimes it definitely feel like America's foreign policy is conducted by a sentiment of collective white fragility with the token POCs (People of Color) being able to help assuage their (white people's) dwindling power on the world stage.

Social media Influencers or fed propagandists that relies on shock value like Phillip DeFranco asserts that the balloon even stores explosives without providing any shred of evidence as is the typical MO for racist empire shills and spokes people.

The US media, from literally all angles, is conditioning the public to consent to war with China. Read the media headlines compiled below by the Qiao Collective and it becomes obvious. Matter of fact, go ahead and type them into Google and tell us we are lying.

Just before the Chinese weather balloon accidentally traverses across the US mainland, the US has already expanded military bases into the Philippines completely encircling China with this most recent act of aggression and provocation. Hypothetically speaking, I sometimes wonder if the US will be okay with China setting up military bases within Mexico, Cuba, or Latin America. Or is that type of arrangement only allowed for western countries to meddle in Asian, Middle Eastern, or African affairs to retain their supremacy and interests within those regions?

Source: Qiao Collective

Let’s be real though. Whether the balloon had surveillance equipment or not, we all know that it is used to monitor the weather, NOT to surveil US airspace. China clearly has the satellites in both close and far orbit from earth already and this whole media hysteria is once again another device used by the US empire's to gain your consent to go to war with China over Taiwan.

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