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The Western Crisis of Masculinity

Updated: Feb 16

It is safe to say that the average western man is getting shafted from both ends with the collar to signify servitude. Inflation in the past couple of months of 2022 alone has been put together and wages are completely stagnant particularly in the American context. The supposed ‘third world’ such as the People's Republic of China now has greater food security on a per capita basis than the average American despite having to feed over 4 times as many people.

The tie is a fitting touch, good enough to suit the average American man and signify him as a tamed mongrel mutt akin to a dog when his boss walks him with a performance evaluation. There is something sickening going on in the heart of the western world where a crisis of masculinity has led to a submissive yet distraught population that is doomed in cowardice to fall asunder in its own suffering.

At the end of World War 2, the most consequential election in modern history took place. This was an election characterized less by voting booths and picket signs and more by guns and armies. The Chinese civil war between the communists and the capitalists raged for years, each side with its own powerful backers. After seeing Chiang Kai Shek’s troops destroy and pillage the countryside the Chinese people chose resistance and even the backing of America could not save the capitalist cause. Unlike most wars where the outcome is decided by wealth, weapons and tactics, the victory of Mao was a decidedly democratic one that took the will of the Chinese people to succeed.

There are cowards and there are heroes in every point in world history but sometimes people will stand together despite terrible odds in order to path breaking a better future for themselves and their descendents. Revolutions always began with the individual man expressing his voice of frustration and anger through the participation of mass movements. Whether it was through demagogues, priests or presidents, there was always the potential for a reshaping of a new world order should a clever mind tap into unconscious fears of a crowd.

But that spirit is gone and while the manipulators still exist in abundance, the impact of the west and on the west has been to destroy the spirit and character of the people. The exportation of McDonalds and other fast food outlets has led to a rapid rise in obesity that is unparalleled by example. A good way to ensure a population that is easier to control is to have a population that has a tough time physically moving.

In other words, an event similar to the democracy of the Chinese civil war could never have taken place because the Western man is trained to think in cowardice if they think for themselves at all. Social media has caused people to regurgitate information as opposed to creative manufacture such blessings. Obesity has kept people in the Western sphere stagnant and a rapidly devolving education system has made them stupid.

Social mobility is still there to an extent but the likelihood of someone making into the upper echelons of power in America is statistically restricted by race and class. Indeed the new man of power seems to be the everywhere man. Someone who is not tied down to a single country, whose capital moves freely to where taxes are non-existent.

Of course, in the context of the atrocities, one has no choice but to feel little to no sympathy for the greatest mass genociders in human history. 100 million native Americans, 20 million Muslims (most of whom were civilians), several million Koreans, 1 million Indonesians and so many, many more. If America doesn’t crash and burn, if not on the weight of untenable structure, then on the crushing burden of its more sins, then one can only look up at the skies and wonder if a universal justice exists. If America as is expected at this point then one can only say good riddance as the tumor is cut out from the world.

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