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The State of Asian America

Asians Americans have been here awhile. When the continent was in the process of being united, Asian labor practically built the railroads that stretched from sea to shining sea. When the gold rush of California brought immigrants by the heaps to California, Asian Americans were there helping start the foundations for the Golden State’s prosperity. In the information technology revolution, Asian Americans were the unrecognized cofounders, managers and early entrepreneurs that built the internet and the brands that span the globe.

Even today much of America’s greatest achievements and industries would collapse overnight without Asian Americans. And yet despite the achievements, despite the contributions and despite being the source of all decent tasting food in American society, Asian Americans are not appreciated.

Our community is being attacked and ridiculed. Our contributions and great scientists are being whitewashed. We are being blamed for the absurd fact that China is improving its own living standards. For whatever reason, the twisted up hate inside the minds of Westerners has come to bear weeds with an undeserved vitriol spat at everyone with our features.

It is important to remember that the West is completely unjustified in its attacks towards China. Whether its the fact that the Uyghur genocide was fabricated by German white nationalist Adrian Zenz, or the fact that the West hates Chinese people for the sole reason of China’s prosperity and success, the West is in the wrong.

And yet, despite the vast hypocrisy, Western institutions have been frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs, trying to convince everyone and anyone of China’s evil and has been searching high and low for any example to pull out its ass.

China’s response has been to sit-up straight and laugh at the sheer stupidity of the frothing pink idiots across the way. And while I wish Asian Americans had the same luxury, we do not.

All the unjustified rage and hatred has been projected onto our community. Normal Asian people particularly the women and the elderly have been attacked and murdered. As is the cowards way, Americans have been going after the weakest members of the community.

The reaction of most Asian Americans has been to ignore it, keep the head down and keep on working. There is a similar defense mechanism where ostriches will bury their head in the sand to hide from a predator because they lack object permanence. This avoidance reaction is going to get every Asian man, woman, and child killed. It is incredibly stupid, one only has to look back 50 years in American history to find a literal concentration camps for Asian people

China will not stop improving itself, and for every child China lifts out of poverty, America will shout and scream at the top of its lungs about how evil Chinese people are. The West has an addiction to genocide, whether its with the Jews, the Native Americans, the African Americans, it is an itch that these demonic people haven’t scratched in a while.

And while you can bury your head in the sand by thinking “oh it’s just a 15000% increase in hate crimes,” “oh it’s just constant anti-Chinese propaganda”, “oh it’s just a rise of far right wing nationalists,”, “oh it’s just economic segregation of our minority group,” some of us can read the writing on the wall. And oh boy is the writing on the wall written in big letters.

In the 1950s, America shoved Japanese Americans into concentration camps because of the fight against Imperial Japan. They did not shove any German Americans into such camps despite the war against Nazi Germany.

When America’s new secret police starts knocking on your door telling you and all the Asian people in your neighborhood telling you that it’s time to go to the gas chambers, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Fascism is coming for us and we best be prepared. It may be morbidly obese fascism. It may be a fascism characterized less by swastika armbands and more by a crowd of fat white people on their Walmart mobile scooters but it is still coming. Fascism comes in all shapes and sizes and America has picked its next target: us.

Image: the future if the boba liberals had it their way. A picture of a Nazi concentration camp

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