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The Personal Life of Peng Shuai has Been Politically Weaponized by the West

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The West is desperate to find something to latch onto in order to boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. What better way than to fabricate a story of a tennis player gone "missing"? Make no mistake. This goes beyond the U.S. now. The racist western establishment and its coalition of US-destabilization NGOs is rabid in creating anti-China propaganda to slow and to even pushback the rise of the inevitable world's #1 superpower.

This all began when Peng Shuai made a social media post on Weibo on November 2nd, 2021 lamenting her on-off relationship with the former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. This is the full translation of her social media post which she has taken down 30 minutes after posting, due to her very own embarrassment of posting such personal information of not only herself; but of a government official that is also a married man with kids. Would a rational person with a conscious take down such a post? Yes. But would western mainstream media and a mob of unscrupulous online China hating zealots use this opportunity to declare the tennis celebrity missing to fit into their geopolitical narrative of "China Evil"? Yes. (Oh, all those poor billionaires and celebrities though).

This is her original post in Chinese in case you want to read it untranslated. Again, click here for the English translation if you can not read Chinese.

It is evident from her social media post that she was lamenting at the fact that she felt Zhang Gaoli played with her heart throughout the 7 years of their love affair. She was complaining of how Zhang Gaoli's wife, Kangjie was mistreating her. This is not a character attack on Peng Shuai, but if the wife of the Vice Premier of China found out a tennis star was sleeping with her husband, being mean and cynical would be quite the tamed and generous response in my opinion. Peng Shuai admitted herself that she was not the good person in this situation and she was in a way, pouring her heart out in that moment, albeit in a faux pas manner.

And in the third paragraph where she said " I was still not willing to have sex". The western media ran that statement through a forceful tunnel vision to paint it as if she was accusing Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault leaving out the part where she said, " Taking into consideration the affection I had for you seven years ago, I agreed... yes, we had sex." Which proved that it was literally consensual. Just to be clear, Zhang Gaoli did not use force or threat, but merely cajoled her through persuasion. You can argue whether it was sexual misconduct or infidelity on his part. But it is 100% not rape. And the government 100% did not "disappear" her because she "spoke out about it". If you haven't noticed already, look at how seriously CPC handled the Kris Wu rape case by investigating and arresting him as soon as they found enough evidence for the charges. The rich and powerful will always get away with rape in the west. But not in China.

If you do not believe that Peng Shuai didn't make the sexual assault allegations, hear it from Peng Shuai herself. In this interview she firmly states that she DID NOT make any sexual assault allegations against Former Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. The western media and the racist anti-China posse has ran with the narrative that she accused Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault. Do not believe it. It is literal fake news of the highest order of magnitude to drum up anti-Chinese sentiments in the west so that the military industrial complex can increase their military spending to which they already have for the sole purpose of imperializing China.

This is a post by CGTN Europe showing Peng Shuai's email to Steve Simon, who is the WTA Chairman & CEO. You can read the email yourself by clicking on the embedded twitter post.

If you look at the comments, the China haters are saying that there is a cursor between "a" and "n" in the word "a|nd" which immediately (in their eyes) invalidates this piece of evidence of her safety. However Peng Shuai herself, clarifies this in this Guardian article by saying that the Chinese version of the email to Steve Simon was written by her, but the English version was published by CGTN because she said herself that her English was not sufficient (Source: The Guardian). Also, notice how the Guardian has flat out lied by titling their article: "Peng Shuai retracts sexual assault claims as fears over wellbeing persist". There are two things going on here. 1) Peng Shuai has clearly and unequivocally stated that she is safe. She clarified that she never made assault claims in the first place in the interview. However, The Guardian insisted that she "retracted" her statement in the title which she never did. 2) The article title is still falsely pushing the idea that "fears over her well being still persist". Insinuating that somehow she is still in danger, even though she steadfastly stated that she safe in the interview. This is a gaslighting tactic employed by The Guardian that needs to be exposed. Truly evil indeed.

The narrative of Peng Shuai being missing is absolute nonsense. Here is a post by Hu Xijin on November 20th, 2021 that shows Peng Shuai eating and speaking with her coach in a Sichuanese restaurant on the same day in Beijing time.

According to both the west and the WTA, this is dismissed as "insufficient evidence". As can be seen by this "Independent" article which is obviously an attempt to retract and cope with their exposed false accusations. In addition, Peng Shuai made an appearance at a youth tournament in Beijing in this ESPN article.

The next day, on November 21st, the IOC President and IOC Athlete's Commission Chair held a video call with Peng Shuai.

Online trolls will say that she had a gun pointed to her head. But if she was actually kidnapped and forced to say she is okay under such duress, how on earth would she be able to fake a smile like this? Give me a break...

Look at this recent video of Peng Shuai shared by Qingqing Chen on December 18, 2021. Clearly, Peng Shuai is being forced to giggle in front of Yao Ming who was hired by the CCP to intimidate her.

She's definitely being held at gunpoint guys...

Peng Shuai even asked for her privacy to be respected. Yet, the western press keeps harassing her and fabricating stories to make this an international issue (Source: RNZ).

It's time to see the western media and even western society for that matter, for what it really is. A declining civilization holding on to its very last breath making its last racist and evil attempt to bring down and prevent a non-white country from achieving power parity.

Surely, the west sees itself as a beacon of moral superiority. But why doesn't Scott Morrison's rape allegations get the same level of western media scrutiny as Peng Shuai's personal affair with Zhang Gaoli? Or how about France's failure to uphold the #metoo movement principals in court when Alain Schmitt has been acquitted of domestic violence against Margaux Pinot who was a Tokyo Olympic gold medalist ? Where is the outrage for Margaux Pinot? Is she deemed an "unworthy" victim just because she is not politically useful to the western establishment? It is evident that this is all an all out effort to demonize China and Chinese people. Peng Shuai was and still is safe, but unfortunately we can not say the same for Margaux Pinot...

This selective international outrage sparked by the declining west is absolutely hypocritical and applies a grotesque double standard which only deduces down to infantile truisms of "China bad. West good." It's time to start looking critically at geopolitical issues critically and with an open mind to see the intention of both sides. If you look at it from the intent of both sides, objectively, it is the west that wants war and will find any excuse to justify it.

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