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The Marriage Between Neo-Nazis, Mass Shooters and Asian Female Boba Liberals

Updated: Mar 19

Above: White supremacist Dylann Roof right after he received the Death sentence

When the white supremacist neo-Nazi, Dylann Roof, made his way into a black church and killed nine people, he was emblematic of a larger trend of white men towards the far right. Whether it be the economic fallout in the Midwest and South, the opioid epidemic, or the rising suicide rates, the white community increasingly turned to racist ideologies as an excuse for their economic and cultural failures.

These self described 'loser white nationalists', who are characterized by their low economic status and their blaming of others for their own problems, has been rising. Projection to minorities as a result of extreme ideologies spread by the internet has resulted in increased hate crimes towards minorities and the trend seems to be accelerating. The number of incel forums on the internet which are dominated by white men of Caucasian descent has increased a whopping tenfold in the past four years alone.

Above: Elliot Rodger, the first 'incel' mass shooter in world history. He targeted Asian men in relationships with white women and expressed violent anger and frustration towards them in his manifesto.

Who exactly are these incels?

The term incel is defined as a person who is involuntarily celibite and as a result of their status hold extremely misogynistic and often racist beliefs. They tend to be younger cis-white men from all across the world, including country's as wide ranging as Switzerland to the USA.

...[Incels] tend to be younger cis-white men from all across the world...

The average incel's hatred for women extends to the darkest corners of the internet. In an study by Cambridge University, most incel forums have on average a rape or mass murder posts every half hour.

These white dominated incel forums are not just cesspools of racist and misogynistic thought but also are online congregations where illegal pornography has become commonplace. Indeed, members of this internet subculture are notorious for enjoying illegal content such as snuff pornography which shows extreme and real violence towards women and pedophillic content. They are frequently for advocate violence against women and minorities and often hold racist white nationalist beliefs in conjunction with their misogeny.

This has formed a sizeable white incel to pedophile pipeline with white men being overrepresented for pedophile convictions. Despite making up 35% of the population white men make up 92% of registered child sex offenders.

"Despite making up 35% of the population white men make up 92% of registered child sex offenders."

Above: An 'incel rally' held in Arlington Virginia in 2014.

And closely associated with these kinds of people are the boba liberals. In fact, the relationship between right wing online movements and the few Asian Women who enable them is well documented. Many leaders of the KKK, a notorious white nationalist hate group, have been married to Asian women and is one of the only allowed interracial marriages according to the group's ideology.

The founder of Qanon, a forum well known for harboring large incel and white nationlist movements, Ron Whatkin, is married to Asian woman. The Las Vegas, San Jose and San Bernadino shooters either had a history of dating Asian women. Members of the alt right have a well documented 'Asian fetish' and some Asian women go as far as to participate and speak at white nationalist rallies such as Michelle Malkin.

Above: Filipino American Michelle Malkin as keynote speaker at a white nationalist rally in 2022.

Many prominent right wing figures such as Mitch McConnel are married to them and there is a well documented link between racism towards Asian people and fetish pornography that circulates other popular incel forums like Reddit or 8chan. Qanon, a racist theory that culminated in the January 6th capital attack was actually created by a white man and his Asian wife.

Indeed, the Boba liberals who self identify as politically left wing are generally circles dominated by Asian American women married to Caucasians. They are often well known for spreading hate about their own particularly culture and regularly engage in misandry [hatred of men] in front of large platformed audiences. Boba liberals will often portray themselves as self appointed speakers on behalf of the 'Asian community' and have been known to criticize Asian culture exclusively.

"...[Boba Liberals] are often well known for spreading hate about their own particularly culture and regularly engage in racial misandry (hatred of Asian men) in front of large platformed audiences."

Ironically, Asian American women as a whole are far more likely to be the targets of racial violence and hatred than Asian men. Statistics collected by the StopAAPI hate organization has found that Asian American women are 3x more likely to be a victim of a hate crime than their male counterparts.

And yet, Asian American female activist's are infamous for advocating for such movements as Black Lives Matter and even blaming Asian culture with one activist (Eileen Huang) going as far as to say that "maybe the Asian community deserves to get hate crimed." Despite the fact that black men are overrepresented as perpetrators of such hate crimes towards Asian women and the elderly accounting for 27% of all such incidents, Asian American Boba liberals have even advocated that the Asian community "check its own anti-black sentiment" as an attempt to gaslight the situation.

...with one activist (Celeste Ng) going as far as to say that "maybe the Asian community deserves to get hate crimed."

Since the dawn of the 21st century, self-hating Asian American women have been intimately tied to every single mass racist movement and continue to be a driving force in spreading hatred and bigotry about both their own culture and the those of other minorities.

The Las Vegas shooting was the largest mass shooting in modern American history and his girlfriend was a self described 'unattractive' asian woman.

Above: left, Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend; right, Las Vegas shooter

Derek Chauvin who was tried and convicted on murder charges for the killing of George Floyd which started the global black lives matter protest was married to an Asian woman.

Above: Left: Kellie Chauvin, Right: Derek Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd

The psychology has historical precedent and harkens to the "quiselings" of Nazi Germany who were die hard Jews and French nationals that were amongst Hitler's last guard. There is an intense dissociation with oneself as a result of intense psychological trauma in phenomena documented as cognitive dissonance.

Significant links between discrimination and self hatred have been observed in a number of logitudinal studies thus shedding further light to this phenomenon. That being said, mental distress as a result of discrimination is not a legally binding excuse for promoting hatred, bigotry and misinformation within the Asian American community.

We at the Western Critic want to make it clear, it is not all Asian American women, and it certainly isn't most Asian women but the Boba liberals have become a powerful well funded voice in the community, spreading hatred and misinformation.

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