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The Dangerous Gaslighting Liberals in Minority Spaces

Updated: May 8

Liberals have been invading protest spaces and cultures since the civil rights era. Malcolm X often spoke about how liberals infiltrate spaces and gaslight/redirect the energy to a less radical direction.

The American civil rights era of 1961-1965 was state of turmoil where African Americans agitated for their human rights in an era of Jim Crow and mass governmental oppression. The FBI and CIA were well documented in infiltrating and blackmailing key members of the movement including that of Martin Luther King Jr. Today MLK has become the figurehead of African American Civil Rights while all other figures have fallen to the wayside.

This is surprising from a historical narrative especially considering that at the time, Malcolm X was more popular, had more support within the black community, and even started his career 10 years earlier.

So why the sudden shift in importance? Why does Malcolm X not have a federal holiday while MLK does? The answer lies in their message. While both advocated for civil rights, only Malcom X recognized that the black struggle would never end. Unlike MLK, Malcolm X advocated an eye for an eye should a police officer ever unjustly kill a member of the black community.

Malcolm X prior to his assassination

Liberals took to the TV's and started advocating support for the movement but with a twist: tweaking the radicalism. Instead of the fact that the entire western world participated and benefitted from the cotton produced by American slaves, the narrative became that it was just rich whites in the southern states. Instead of the fact that more lynching occurred in the 'liberal' north than in the south, racism became a 'southern' social issue. Instead of Malcolm X who advocated correctly that black Americans would never achieve social equality and needed their own nation state, the African American community received diversity programs and a federal holiday. In other words, a grand tradition of token victory's was created to dispel dissent

The adage, "the revolution will not be televised," comes from the American civil rights era and refers to the ideas that if the media establishment is portraying the black struggle, then the revolution is being coopted into the establishment.

"And thus the momentum of one of the greatest civil rights movements in the western world fizzled into nothing. "

This is not an uncommon occurrence. During the LA riots, the anger of black Americans was directed towards Koreatown despite the fact that the riots started because of Rodney King's death at the hands of a white police officer.

Unknown Korean man with a Baretta firearm during the 1992 La Riots

In the 2020 black lives matter movement and more recently the Stop Asian Hate Movement, most of the key figures were assassinated and government programs became the largest source of funding accounting for up to 60% of the movement's budget. Anything anti-establishment and violent was mocked and downplayed by the liberal establishment. Even getting a token conviction for the officer who killed George Floyd was a difficult proposition and Derek Chauvin only received a second degree murder charge.

Within the Hispanic community, white hispanics have been promoted visa vie media exposure and government funding to represent Latin America. In the Asian community, the so-called 'Boba Liberals' frequently spout misandry (hatred of men), anti-China and anti-Asian propaganda.

Government promoted white Hispanics and establishment Boba Liberals are infamous for their bizzare rants in portraying their respective ethnicities has 'more racist' than the establishment. One Boba Liberal named Eileen Huang who received government funding for his political views, even advocated that the "[elderly] Asian community deserves to get hate crimed."

even advocated that the "[elderly] Asian community deserves to get hate crimed."

While these people seem absolutely abnormal in their behavior, their addition to the discourse serves a distinct purpose. They act as lightning rods of the establishment and attempt to channel and dissipate any genuine anger and frustration within the community.

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