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The Coming China-U.S. War

Updated: Mar 24

As the U.S. continues to threaten the national security of China and the rest of Asia, it may be only a matter of time before war breaks out in East Asia.

Above: picture of the Chinese rocket, Long March, that safely burned up in the atmosphere upon its return to earth.

Back in November of 2022 the world was set into a panic. Not the COVID-19 panic but rather a typical overhyped bit of Internet hysteria. Headlines such as, "A CHINESE ROCKET HURTLING TOWARDS EARTH," and "OUT OF CONTROL CHINESE ROCKET WILL CRASH ON EARTH," sent the rational and level headed folks at twitter into a state of panic.

The American media made it seem as though the Chinese rocket (with extra emphasis on the 'Chinese' part) was going to crash into the living rooms of the world, creating property damage, causing mass loss of life. The U.S. military spearheaded this anti-Chinese rocket narrative with a rare press release stating, "China once again triggered a global alarm after allowing part of a rocket from its ambitious space program to fall back to Earth in an uncontrolled manner."

Of course never mind that within that exact same week, a Space X rocket was crashing back towards earth. And of course, this media circus conveniently forgot to mention how letting a rocket crash back to earth is a very safe and very standard practice. Somehow the fact that the average person had a less than .0001% chance of even being hit by the smallest debris of the rocket, escaped the notice of the well funded corporate new makers in the world.

The story was clearly a fake and was an obvious attempt by the hive mind western media to smear China's image and reputation. The Western media's hive mind approach to journalism, particularly international news, is coordinated by the U.S. government in a well documented phenomenon known as the 'propaganda multiplier'. Please click the link to our article about the propaganda multiplier to find out more.

Manufacturing consent for war:

The U.S. government has done this before, and usually proceeding before a big international military intervention. The Golf of Tonkin incident where allegedly Vietnamese boats attacked American ships kickstarted the Vietnam War. This was later admitted to be a fabrication.

When Libya was invaded, the U.S. government alleged Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. This was later admitted to be a falsehood years later in declassified pentagon reports. Conveniently, the media apparatus simply forgot about the whole incident that helped kickstart the War on Terror and trust in all major institutions sank even further.

The endless supplies of accusations have gotten more and more bizarre overtime while the consequences are still just as deadly. The Pentagon accused Iraq of throwing babies off balconies and other horrific crimes against humanity. This pretext would later be used to justify an invasion that killed 300,000 civilians.

What is very clear from this pattern is that the U.S. government is trying to manufacture consent for a war with China. Even if that means trumping up a weather balloon as a spy balloon or misrepresenting a standard discard rocket procedure, this is another repeat of the same behavior of manipulation. The Americans have shown expertise in their ability to create fake contexts in order to justify any of the hundreds of wars they have engaged in the past century. Buzzwords like 'freedom' and 'democracy' are frequently used despite the fact that the result of these 'liberalizations' is usually destitution for the people.

Above: February of 2023, the U.S. media reports a Chinese 'spy' balloon landed in the U.S. It was a weather balloon that had flown of course.

So why has the West decided to target China in particular? The history of the anti-China movement started during the Obama administration when the White House announced its pivot to Asia. The policy essentially recognized the growing powers in the East and how it was becoming more important to focus attention on developments in Asia. The strengthening of bilateral developments particularly with regards to China was key to this movement.

The Plaza Accords stand as an example of what happens when non-Anglo nations step out of line. In the 1980s, Japan was a rising great power and was set to overtake the U.S. economically. It was then that disaster struck or rather racist U.S. politicians began their assault. Americans attacked Japan in the press calling Japanese innovation 'copycats', they even attacked Japanese Americans physically, culminating in the hate killing of Vincent Chin (who was ironically a Chinese man).

Eventually the 'Plaza Accords' were passed. These were a agreements that effectively signed away much of Japan's proprietary technology and intentionally deflated its currency to make Japanese products less competitive on the world stage. From this emerged the 'lost decade' and the flow of technology from Japan to America set the foundations for the rise of American smartphones such as Apple (Apple's smartphone tech was first created by a Japanese company that went bust due to the plaza accords).

Semiconductor Industry:

East Asia holds the rest of the world by the balls when it comes to advanced semi-conductor production. Over 90% of all chips are manufactured and designed within East Asia and almost the entire world relies on the region for technological exports.

The U.S. has one of the lowest scores in STEM courses in the OECD and thus is not able to produce an adequate amount of engineering students to compete in this field. Thus, when the tyrannical U.S. sees a genre of competition it cannot compete it, we see a return to the old playbook.

On the journalistic front, the U.S. government has been using all its influence from the propaganda multiplier and its control of international journalism in order to generate essentially fake consent for a war with China.

On the economic front, it has attempted to 'Plaza Accord' China by engaging in a trade war in order to stomp out the Chinese government and the livelihoods of ordinary Chinese people.

There are two large problems that the authoritarian oligarchic U.S. government is coming to terms with regards to the East. One, is that China is a far stronger nation and thus attempting a racial genocide like the U.S. has done with the Islamic, Native American, Latin American, and East Asian worlds is proving much more difficult than expected. While the U.S. has the world's foremost Eugenicists, biological weapons manufacturers, and genocide perpetrators, these experts have only proven effective in third world, impoverished backwaters.

Even third world backwaters have proven difficult to tame. Just in 2021, the U.S. backed Afghani government fell to Taliban forces. After spending over six trillion dollars on trying to create a stable democratic government, Afghanista, the country which is the 13th poorest on the planet, overthrew their U.S. backed liberal government. If one trillion dollars can't buy the loyalty of a jihadist backwater, how effective would the U.S. be against China?

Trump even tried tactics below all out war and instituted a tit for tat trade war which cost the U.S. $316 billion dollars all the while China's export machine reached its highest point ever in 2023.

Is it possible to tariff a country that is the largest trading partner of the vast majority of the worlds' country's? Just looking at the map above demonstrates it to be a foolhardy mission. While China may be the U.S.'s largest trading partner, China's largest trading partner is Japan.

War with China would most likely either end humanity or would end in a humiliated defeat according to top experts from the U.S.'s department of defense. China just launched its very on maglev aircraft carrier and will soon equip its largest destroyers with railguns. The U.S. confidence against China comes from its successes in destroyed other small countries around the world and sometimes the U.S. is not even successful in that endeavor (see. Vietnam war).

In any case, its probably better for the world that the most genocidal country in human history has no ability to touch China. The current state of humanity is such that the good people on this planet finally are coming from a place of strength and power. I for one will not participate in the U.S.'s stupid wars. I have an obligation to my conscious and morality and standing against the U.S.'s military industrial complex as it tries to wipe out the futures of millions of innocent Chinese people is 100% the right thing to do.

Eye candy, China's military technology: