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Self-Congratulatory nature of white culture is the reason behind Western Decline

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

There is an incredible link between the narcissism of Western culture and inextricable decline

It has often confused and even angered Western observers as to why East Asia was able to build itself to prominence in less than a generation. Only 200 years ago, Adam Smith, writer of the Wealth of Nations (the preeminent book in Western Capitalism), wrote about the barbaric Chinese practice of drowning babies in order to create a large population. The kind of idiotic and counterintellectual racism was widespread in Western society with every Ivy League institution in America having an extensive background with eugenics (Harvard was ranked best in the world in the study).

In 200 years, much has changed but much has remained the same. Just like democracy, the racism in the West has always come from not just the elites, but the people as well. The extensive ability for white supremacists organizations to rally a large group of Americans was demonstrated in the KKK's (Klu Klux Klan) infamous march on Washington in the 1970s with rallies reaching close to a million people.

Indeed, the only ideas that have really changed are the tactics used to justify said racism. And it is here that we gain an understanding of why the West is in a sharp decline. No matter what the subject matter, white culture has a tendency to say that everything in the West is the best.

Best writer? Shakespeare, even though he is objectively boring and his romantic suicidal plots were not first conceived by him.

Best chef? Gordon Ramsey, even though he can't even cook Pad thai and isn't even the best chef of the Western world let alone the whole world.

Best film? Citizen Kane/Casablanca which are objectively boring compared to films coming out of the East.

Best conqueror? A film about Justinian claimed that he was the greatest conqueror in the history of the world which is just straight stupidity

Best innovator? The west and broadly speaking white people despite the fact that South Korea alone produces more patents than the entirety of Europe combined.

There is a chart labeling countries by the best culture that put Australia as higher than South Korea despite the fact that one is world famous for its cultural exports and the other is famous for kangaroos.

This narcicissitic mentality extends everywhere, particularly with the knee jerk reaction Americans have to recognizing the extensive scientific contributions of East Asia. The Noble Prize committee is infamously a racist institution with a large number of their voters affiliated with eugenics institute's up until the present day.

Indeed, it is the fact that the West likes to present itself as the best that precisely makes it such a paper tiger. The lack of genuine criticism has made its minds parochial/narrow minded. By creating this mindset of superiority to everything else the world has created, it has deservedly shot itself in the foot. It will never improve precisely because it has nothing to IMPROVE.

Take a look at the picture below. These are the countries Western newspapers declared as most prepared for a pandemic back in 2019...

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