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Pro-China Uighers Finally Speaking Out Against Western Imperialism

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

In an amazing turn of events just before Chinese/Lunar New Year holiday, over 100 Uighers spoke out (on CNJD's facebook page) on social media to combat the narrative of a "Uyghur Genocide" spread by former secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Where can you find these sources? Here is a short list that we have compiled for you where it will already take a lot of time to watch:

1) Youtube Channel:

a) Real Xinjiang:

2) Twitter:

a) Qiao Collective:

3) Facebook:

a) CNJD:

All of these videos are Uigher testimonies that showcase their lives in Xinijang ranging from engineers, business owners, artists, teachers, housewives, husbands, doctors, students, technicians all across the spectrum. The sheer number of these testimonies alone obliterates Pompeo's and BBC's fake claims of genocide. Western media's ad nauseum coverage of the same few Uighers activists has cause a lot of jingoism and nationalism in the West which in turn has disproportionately also driven up Anti- Asian hate crimes due to a new wave of racism, red-scare, and yellow peril.

Many Uigher activists (only a handful mainly covered by BBC, france24, Vice, etc.) are funded by World Uyghur Congress which is also funded by America's regime change arm NGO (The National Endowment of Democracy aka NED). We must ALWAYS be skeptical of Western narrative's of it's political enemies such as China, Russia, Iran, and even North Korea because these are the countries that the West has no control over. Western state departments will always feed stories to only 3 news agencies such as AP, AFP, and Reuters which feeds the same news to Fox, CNN, ABC, NPR, BBC, and Washington Post. The western media is not independent and only serve western elites. I repeat, the WESTERN MEDIA IS NOT INDEPENDENT.

After a whole year of researching both sides of the issues. We at the Western Critic believe that the "Uigher Genocide" narrative is mainly a geopolitical tool of the West and it's allies to undermine China's inevitable rise to the #1 spot in the world to stop the Belt and Road Initiative from coming into fruition. The Belt and Road Initiative is a project designed by China to concentrate wealth back to the Eurasia and the global south taking away the world's dependency on the current Transatlantic Western hegemony dominated mainly by United States, Britain, Australia, and Canada.

It is absolutely time that the world rises against Western imperialism and all of the pain and suffering these governments have done in the disingenuous use of "human rights", "democracy", and "freedom". With the democratization of information technology, we can now stop unjust wars and call out "atrocity propaganda" where ever it is weaponized to serve only the western elites. The East Turkistan Uigher separatists have been given a megaphone by the West to continue this cold and potentially even hot war. However, the Uigher heroes of China has stepped up to the plate to defend their motherland and for the good of the world.

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