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Pan-Asianism will End White Supremacy

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Pan-Asianism is the only political movement in the world with the ability to end white supremacy.

It is imperative that an East-Asian bloc of brother nations bound by blood and ideology become a mainstay of East Asian politics. The fate of the world and whether or not the destructive and genocidal western regime continues will largely depend upon the relationships between the East-Asian member states.

Asian economic dominance is inevitable

"Let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world." -Napoleon Bonaparte

For the past 200 years the west has ruled large swaths of land throughout the world. This is UNUSUAL and an ABBERATION of history. For 2000 years, Europe has consistently been one of the politically unstable and impoverished regions of the world. Mired in ethnic infighting, political genocide and revolution, death and destruction have been a mainstays of European politics. And in a stroke of luck, European society was revolutionized by the four great inventions because of the Mongol Invasions. Gunpowder, the compass, the printing press and paper changed European society in a unique way with the cannon breaking apart the feudal. Europe became one of the dynamic regions on the planet as its experience with the chaos culture becoming a useful indicator of dynamism for the first time in its history.

And just like Europe of 200 years ago, East Asia has revolutionized its societies to become the largest economic corridor on the planet in the past 70 years. China, once a struggling backwater, has regained its position of prominence and is now almost 40% larger than the U.S. economy in real terms. Korea, once the poorest nation on the planet, has now been labeled as consistently the most innovative society for most of the past decade accounting for more patents than the entirety of Europe combined. Japan, despite losing significant headway after its economy was screwed over by the plaza accords, has maintained a strong position in the world.

It is estimated that by 2040, China's economy will be the size of the European Union and the United States combined. With business interests all over the world, the frequent assassination's and political interference by the west in the third world will no longer persist. France has not assassinated an African president since 2012 as a direct result of Chinese investment and protection on the African continent.

Thus, the rise of the East will benefit the third world tremendously and unlike the rise of Europe, will not be mired in destruction and racism. With the economic momentum China has, East Asia will account for half of the world's GDP with the developing world accounting for two thirds, thus making the west irrelevant in scope.

Understanding the dark history of Pan-Asianism

It is no secret that the modern Pan-Asian movement has been mired in colonialism and race theory. Japan, the only industrial power in Asia during the 19th century, was once the bastion of Pan-Asian thought. Politicians from as far as India traveled to the country seeking political relationships in the hope of kicking the 'white-menace' out of Asia. The Japanese, at first, were more than happy to accept the role as protector of Asian continent. In a series of flash campaigns, they kicked out the Germans, French and English from their respective colonies in Singapore, Taiwan and Indochina. It appeared for a brief moment that hope was returning to Asia after all.

But then the Japanese took Pan-Asianism and lost their minds in an excessive power-trip. Annexing Korea, Manchuria and large swaths South East Asia, they instituted their own twisted version of European race theory and began to inhumanely dominate the continent. Human experimentation on Chinese and Russian peasants under unit 747 persisted as well as a brutally devastating genocide in the city of Nanjing, China. The comfort women system that saw thousands of women from the Philippines and Korea systemically raped as well as the brutality of the Japanese advanced understandably tarnished the movement.

To this day, the refusal of the Japanese government to apologize as well as the understandably upset sentiments of the colonized is a major drawback in relations and continues to hold the movement back.

Pan-Asianism is the only way to permanently ENSURE the death of white supremacy.

Even without the support of the rest of Asia, China could very well end white supremacy on its own.

The size of the Chinese economy is enormous, underestimated, and critical to the function of the world. According to the National Bureau of Economics, the Chinese economy is likely 30% larger than official estimates reflecting the dynamism as China undergoes its rise. That would make it almost the size of Europe and America combined already in real terms if true thus reflecting the enormous unforeseen underbelly of its economy that is often overlooked.

And it will likely continue its economic rise and avoid the middle income trap. Despite a precipitous rise in incomes over the past couple of years, manufacturing has not left China. Robotics, efficient logistic systems as well as a hardworking populace, has ensured that despite becoming a wealthy society, it still retains most of the world's productive capacity. With the rise of higher end industries, China will likely follow the path of South Korea and Taiwan but on a much larger scale.

Even without the support of the rest of Asia, China could very well end white supremacy on its own. It has proven that its media apps such as TikTok can be competitive on the world stage while its higher end phones such as Huawei have become world class.

But, at least for the time being, it does not have the kind of soft power influence in the west that a country like South Korea wields. It is still behind in terms of chips compared to its American and Korean counterparts and there are many underdeveloped sectors and provinces just on the verge of undergoing their own economic booms.

South Korea and Japan are China's biggest security threats and potential allies. The three countries are strongly bound by culture, ideology, and race that no other country except Vietnam, really has with China. With economic and ideological integration it appears that, at the very least, both Koreas are slowly going to side with China.

Whether or not Japan decides to make that crucial step may not matter in the end but it would be great if it joined forces with its other East Asian counterparts.

The combination would kill white supremacy forever.

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