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God is Brown

God is Brown and white Christians need to shut the fuck about it

Since antiquity white people have the tendency to LARP as other cultures. Whether its pink girls wearing qinpao while saying racist things and then subsequently getting rejected from whatever low-tier state school they got accepted into, or if its pink guys trying to pretend to be hood and black, there is an enormous tendency to take other people's culture and pretend as if they invented and/or made it better. Somehow guns which were invented by China became an American 'thing' and the touch screen invented by the Japanese became an 'Apple' thing. There's nothing wrong with getting influenced from other cultures, but the problem lies in branding it as though the ingenuity came from a Europine civilization.

And that's exactly what happened with God. Perhaps the greatest bait and switch of all time, white Christians have somehow convinced both themselves and the ignorant part of the world that the middle east, one of the hottest, dryest and brownest regions of the planet, produced lily white blue eyed Jesus. Stating the obvious, it is false on so many levels.

The main evidence brought up by these racist white Christians is that Jesus was white because Jewish people today are white. But according to studies of the Ashkanazi Jewish line, 80% of a maternal DNA is descended from Europe (shocker) and 19 percent from the near east that does not include the levant. Remember that Jewish descent is determined by the mother which is why maternal DNA matters more than paternal descent. Modern day Jews are less than 1% Jew if even that and are once again an example of pink people LARPING (or pretending) to be another culture.

Of course, to these racists the facts don't really matter. If one brings up the idea that God is brown on r/Christianity, you have the typical white LARPERS vehemently denying it to be true. Why should it matter to someone who comes from a religion that loves all people? Because these right wing Christian hardliners truly believe that its not about all people but themselves. Racism has always been the core of European Christianity which is why some of the biggest bigots are huge proponents of the faith.

The idea that God's human manifestation is white has had a number of political and humanitarian consequences. The foundation for the rogue regime in Israel that is founded on the blood and genocide of the Palestinian natives is the result of a world wide propaganda campaign to convince people of legitimacy based on the Bible. Ironically, the Palestians who are the closest descendants to ancient Jews are now getting genocided by people who think they're Jews in a cruel twist of fate.

Now understand why white Jews call themselves Ashkanazi. It's not Ashkenazi but AshkeNAZI.

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