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Falun Gong: the cult of stupidity

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

American foreign policy is headed by policymakers that are undeniably racist. National security advisor Steve Bannon ran a white supremicist website called "Breightbart" publishing now deleted articles such as why 'Romans wanted to be white' amongst other unintelligible mumbo jumbo. Donald Trump infamously compared Mexican immigrants to rapists and American foreign policy has been the driver for success of Israel's genocide of the Palestinians.

The people at the helm of this great sinking shit we call America are undeniable narrow-minded and even with a change of the governing party we should expect at least half of America's future to be guided with such irrationalism.

And within this culture of stupidity, whether its protecting gun laws, or police shootings, comes an unexpected funding source: Chinese Americans. Members of the cult of Falun Gong were the largest contributors to Donald Trump's 2016 and 2020 presidential campaign. They were the largest funders of the proud boys, an organization that is, ironically, incredibly racist towards Asian people.

The Falun Gong are a religious cult who believe that their divine leader, Li Hongzhi, is an omniscient deity who can cure people of diseases. Because of his magical ability, people in the cult deny themselves medical treatment and have a load of weird traditions including self-harm and of course, sedition. Most Falun Gong members were exiled by the Chinese Government for attempted to assassinate CCP party officials using dirty bombs.

While the Falun Gong claim persecution by the Chinese government, many such claims are difficult or even near impossible to verify as evidence of a widespread government crackdown are slim to none.

As a result, Li Hongzhi in all his divine wisdom has declared the CCP to be a 'demonic' organization and has repeatedly called for his downfall. While different political views are always welcome, what is unforgivable is how the Falun gong funded racist Sinophobic bigots.

It is, in essence, the same kind of dynamic as the french quislings who became Nazi collaborators, or the Korean noblemen who collaborated with Japan. It is the kind of spirit of not just cowardice, but full on self-hate and betrayal of your countrymen. The self-hatred aspect is a huge red flag that this cult has an insidious side.

The media produced and/or affiliated with Falun Gong include the following:

Epoch Times, China Uncensored (Youtube channel), Mikey Chen (Youtube celebrity), Shen Yun (play), America Uncensored (Youtube channel).

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