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Elon Musk's Weird Coup of Bolivia

Updated: May 11

Elon Musk is a weird guy. But you might not have known that he funds violent coups across the world.

In 2020, Tesla's lobbying department began to call in favors to politicians for their campaign contributions. They urged that the U.S. government interfere in Bolivia's internal affairs and get the Socialist government out of power. Later that same year, the CIA funded a violent right wing military coup in Bolivia causing then democratically elected President Evo Morales to step down. He was then replaced by Americana lover and white supremacist Jeanine Anez who has been accused of frequent racism towards Bolivia's indigenous population (this bizzare position is because of the fact that more than half of Bolivia is composed of indigenous peoples).

former President Evo Morales before he was exiled. He later returned to Bolivia

The reason for this coup and violation of Bolivia's sovereignty was simple. Bolivia holds anywhere from 25-45% of the world's lithium reserves and is thus a crucial country in the global battery market.

Chinese companies offered a 50-50 split on the profit made from using their nickel reserves while Tesla generously obliged a 99-1 percent arrangement, that 99 percent for the American stockholders of the company.

Obeying the laws of common sense, the Bolivian government went for the Chinese deal and the American government responded by funding and arming a series of far right militant groups in the country. After the coup that cost several hundred Bolivian lives, Elon Musk gloated in a tweet saying, "we will coup whoever we want. Deal with it." Evo Morales, now exiled to Argentina, shot back branding the coup as "an act of revenge by the United States, which never accepted to the loss of control of the Bolivian lithium market in favor of Chinese and German companies."

The Tesla CEO would soon come to eat his words when the socialist party returned to power with the election of former finance minister Luis Arce. The nationalization of Bolivia's Lithium, initially started by former President Evo Morales, continued under his predecessor. Since then, Tesla has had regular issues with their now diminished mineral suppliers while Chinese EV companies have ramped up production selling nearly 6 million cars in 2022.

New flagship BYD electric vehicle.

This backfire of American corporate foreign policy is tangential to other failures by the U.S. regime. The fall of Afghanistan's American backed government to the Taliban in 2020 showed the weakness in the military brute force system. Despite Afghanistan being the 10th poorest country in the world and despite the U.S. spending trillions on promoting democracy in the region, the U.S. backed regime fell to the underfunded and poorly trained Taliban.

The U.S. has launched military invasions and 'interventions' with mixed success since the start of World War 2. What is becoming increasingly clear is that the Western world's ability to dictate affairs is nowadays extremely limited and in the case of powerful country's almost nonexistent. Saudi Arabia has publicly stated that they are considering a move away from the dollar and towards a petroyuan. Despite the fact that the U.S. almost certainly has spies and informants in the country, no military coup of the Saudi monarchy has been announced by American forces.

Despite the fact that a Saudi move away would be extremely antithetical to American interests, Joe Biden personally visited the country to lackluster fanfare in order to entice the country to its position. Whether America maintains its status as one of the most evil countries on the planet is anyone's guess.

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