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Death to Boba Liberalism!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Boba Liberalism is a cancer upon society that must die in order for Asian America to be born anew.

Make no mistake, we are on the attack! The white incels, vagrants and otherwise undesirable elements of society that culminated in the capital attack feel as though they are under threat and rightly so. Rebels from the far corners of the American Empire have banded together for the sake of truth and justice. The idea that America could become a white ethnostate at this point, is laughable in 2021.

We are the determinants of the future now. All that's left for us to do is take a couple of guillotines outside the house of Mark Zuckerberg and his pedophile friend Bill Gates (yep he was on Epstein's island and likely engaged in wanton acts of pedophilia)…

We are the determinants of the future now. All that's left for us to do is take a couple of guillotines outside the house of Mark Zuckerberg and his pedophile friend Bill Gates...

But there is a rat amongst us lions, a set of traitors in our midst! They wander and scoundrel about trying to pretend as though they are one of us! I am of course talking about the Boba Liberals that have dominated the conversation in Asian America for the past thirty years.

For those of you who are unaware, a Boba Liberal is an Asian in the West who uses their position to make themselves more palatable to white culture. In most cases, they go above and beyond in trying to present the cultures and societies of which they have no connection to as barbaric and evil.

These are the Jews who hid in the Nazi party, the Yangban who collaborated with Imperial Japan, and the Russian kids who sold out their parents during Stalin's regime.

They are evil of the highest order, not because they are stepping on others but themselves and their own communities in order to get marginal benefits.

Yeah that's right, marginal benefits! Oftentimes whether it's Boba liberals, Nazi collaborators or patricidal murderers, the benefits of their action are often very small even if the damage to their communities is massive.

The Boba Liberals recognize that they are losing the narrative in Asian America. The rise of Korean Culture has lead to the downfall of their stupid narratives about patriarchy, racism and masculinity. I don't need to mention examples but in the world's most popular show, Squid Game, Korean entertainment has produced better South Asian representation than Hollywood in it's entire history.

The Boba Liberals are in their death throes. They are violently organizing to cancel even the smallest films featuring strong Asian Men like 'Blue Bayou' for arbitrary reasons. They know that they are in the wrong and like cornered animals are fighting desperately to retake control of the narrative.

Make no mistake, they are not intelligent. Even the most academically successful amongst them do not study very hard and have no real introspection. They got by in school by only taking easy and subjective English classes that grade on opinion as opposed to quality. Regardless of their idiocy, it still doesn't excuse their behavior. Like a rapid dog, it is important to put down the rats in our community less they spread diseases.

The American Empire will fall my friends, and it is important to clear our the traitors for the new society we will create. The traitors should have no where to hide when the next coup occurs in Washington. We should be ready to clean out our communities!

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