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China kills more billionaires than any other country in the world.... and it's a good thing

The people’s republic of China is perhaps the only country in the world that kills members of its ultra wealthy capitalist class. Many countries particularly those with the death penalty have the authority to execute their citizens in the case of crimes but in practice it is incredibly rare.

Since 2008, China by contrast has executed 14 billionaires, more than any other country in the same period. Such a death toll from the rising superpower triggers the fears of the American one percenters who, for obvious reasons, have compared such treatment to the chaos of the French Revolution. However, unlike the French revolution the slaughtering of the elite has a practical purpose ensuring they are kept in line.

A pinki Swedish banker by the name of Kareem Sera who was the only convicted person after the fallout from the 2008-2009 Great Recession.

‘In-line’ meaning they do not believe themselves to be above any law just because their money gives them privilege. These Chinese titans of industry were no saints and caused harm to their community. In 2015, a Chinese court sentenced mining tycoon and billionaire Liu Han to death after it was discovered he ran a mafia style gang that engaged in extortion and murder. Others executed have been provably been engaged in rape, large scale bribery, manslaughter or sometimes a combination of all three. These people were from the darkest recess of humanity and did all manner of vile things to achieve power and prestige.

Mining tycoon Liu Han at his sentencing hearing

Shameless psychotic capitalists exist all over the world where their will to dominate at any cost trumps the confines of a petty morality. And yet China is the only major country in the world to execute these people on a regular basis. What this indicates is that other governments, particularly those of the United States and India, do not have the authority to kill their aristocracy, even in the case of horrendous crimes. The vast majority of people on the American death row are from the underclass and are where minorities are overrepresented. Even during the great recession, only one foreign banker from Sweden and a small Chinese American community bank were prosecuted despite the world’s economy grinding to a halt due to economic mismanagement. It was a scam worth trillions of dollars and the American justice system found it difficult to even prosecute members of the capitalist class, let alone give them jail time or even the death penalty.

do not have the authority to kill their aristocracy, even in the case of horrendous crimes.

The Chinese politiburo and the highest governing body of the land. Third from the right is general secretary Xi Jinping.

The Chinese system is not perfect and frankly no government at any point in human history has been. But in the modern world where globalization has led to a multinational class of ultra wealthy people with unchecked power on the judiciary, government, media, food, and every

possible industry, China is able to check their fanatical power at least to some degree.

Most of the world, with the exception of a few countries such as South Korea, have a “one country, two systems” policy. There are tiers of justice, privilege depending on a combination of factors such as race and social class particularly in the United States. And in the midst of fantastical displays of wealth of power China has reaffirmed its commitment to the idea of being a people’s republic.

“one country, two systems” policy. There are tiers of justice

The will of the party and by extension the people because every party member is chosen via a combination of examination and election is paramount to the will of the aristocracy. As it should be.

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