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China and the BRICS Reshape the Global World Order

Updated: Mar 30

The United States government is preparing for a two front war with China and Russia. In a new 2024 military budget, the Pentagon has announced a 40% increase in overall military spending to a whopping $842 billion dollars which would be solely dedicated to attacking China and Russia.

In justification for this enormous increase in spending, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, stated that because, "China is the most comprehensive and serious threat to the United States, this strategy driven budget is one driven by the seriousness of our competition with the people's republic of China."

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

In other words, he is repeating the slogan that U.S. national security is under threat because China is becoming an economic superpower. The military is trying to convince the general public that their own personal safety is threatened by a country halfway across the globe and one that has never invaded anyone since the 1970s (by contrast, the U.S. has bombed thirty different countries since the end of WW2).

Senator Ron Desantis writes that," our number one threat is China. They are strong military and strong economically."

A huge chunk of this spending would go to building military bases right in China's own backyard. Called the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, the plan would increase defense spending and include four new military bases in the Philippines. This is despite the remonstrations by Chinese defense minister Qin Gang who warned that if the U.S. doesn't stop the military buildup in Asia, it will lead to conflict and confrontation with China.

...if the U.S. doesn't stop the military buildup in Asia, it will lead to conflict and confrontation with China.

U.S. military bases surrounding China and threatening its national security

China feeling threatened by the military weapons the US is building close to their nation is understandable and this move would only provoke conflict in the South China Sea. The region is already hemorrhaged with U.S. military bases that to add more could reasonably expect a military response from the People's navy.

China is of course growing rapidly but that is not the only reason why the Pentagon is ramping up military spending to this extreme.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian leader Vladimir Putin met in Moscow and signed a series of fourteen agreements that are set to reshape the global world order. They will completely alter the monetary and financial system with the most important agreement having to do with trade.

The U.S. is currently able to spend more than it earns because of its use of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency. Anytime the U.S. spends 6 trillion dollars on COVID 'relief funds' to bailout the rich and power for example, the cost is passed on to the rest of the world that uses the currency for trade.

Currently, Saudi Arabia backs U.S. currency with its oil which is the only commodity that ties the dollar to real value. But the Saudi Prince, Mohammad Bin Saldin recently announced they would start accepting the yuan and backing it creating a new petroyuan that would leave the dollar out in the process. This would weaken U.S. sanctions and the economic authority of the United States tremendously, as the petrodollar is behind much of America's international clout. If country's want to purchase oil from OPEC then they would have to purchase it through the yuan as opposed to the dollar.

But the Saudi Prince, Mohammad Bin Saldin recently announced they would start accepting the yuan...

It is because of the importance of oil producing countries that China managed to broker a peace deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the first between the Shia and Sunni Muslim countries.

President Xi Jinping with Prince Mohammed Bin Salmen (the effective leader of Saudi Arabia).

The keystone behind the economic agreement is the BRICS alliance which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These are some of the largest economies and countries on the planet and have the most to gain from a weaker dollar.

Other countries that are faced with a quickly inflating U.S. currency are scrambling to join the alliance. Mexico has recently announced to it would be joining the BRICS as well and in response, Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill that would give the U.S. military the authority to invade the country. The flimsy excuse for the bill would be to oppose drug cartels in country despite the fact that there is no discernable increase in illegal activity across the border.

Mexican President Obrador fired back calling Congress a 'bunch of idiots' for wanting to invade and strongly implied that any attempt would be met with military force. This could potentially create a three front war scenario for the United States with a belligerent southern neighbor on its doorstep.

Mexican President Lopez Obrador in a Speech on Thursday

It seems that despite the U.S.'s best efforts, the effect of the BRICS country's is here to stay. The petroyuan would tie all of the major oil producing nations together using Chinese and Russian infrastructure. Its value would be marked to oil and gold and would be connecting much of the world through the Belt and Road initiative.

The petroyuan would tie all of the major oil producing nations together using Chinese and Russian infrastructure.

Gold is nearing record price about $2o00 per ounce as the Chinese purchase it in record numbers. The BRICS country's are going after the largest source of inequality in the world, the currency exchange. Thus, agitations by the U.S. and threats to Chinese sovereignty could spiral into conflict that could dangerously lead to world war.

While some observers may blame China and the BRICS countries for the U.S. warmongering, others will point out that many of the citizens of the BRICS live in poverty as result of currency exchanges.

As a matter of fact, excluding China, almost every non-OECD country has experienced an increase in poverty since the 1990s. Global poverty has gone down overall because of the Chinese contribution but has increased in much of the world.

The U.S. should be considered the irresponsible and genocidal power for threatening to provoke a potentially humanity ending war just so its wealthiest citizens can exponentially increase their wealth in a new bailout.

The BRICS represents truly a color coalition of the world's greatest nations standing up to the bullying and intimidation tactics of the United States. Truly it is a union standing against the greatest force for evil and the objectively most genocidal country in the history of the world. Hopefully, they can manage to outmaneuver the calamity that is the United States.

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