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A China-Led World Order is Better

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

In the past 70 years, China has brought more people out of poverty than any country at anytime in human history. With its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) it may finally begin to solve the persistent poverty of the third world and stop the extortion by the West.

Nigeria's new 12bn dollar high speed railway built with Chinese investment

China's own economic development was a tremendous gain for human rights.

About 800 million people were brought out of poverty in the most tremendous economic upturn in human history. In 2020, the CPC announced that it officially eradicated absolute poverty in China.

Ever since Deng Xioaping began his economic reforms, China has become an industrial powerhouse. Gone were the days of the struggling backwater nation with too many mouths to feed. What has emerged in its place are gleaming architectural wonders and incredibly dynamic cities unparalleled by only world class cities around the globe. Indeed, when counting China's contribution to global poverty alleviation, the number of starving people has gone exponentially down even as the rest of the third world has slid further into poverty. About 800 million people were brought out of poverty in the most tremendous economic upturn in human history. In 2020, the CPC announced that it officially eradicated absolute poverty in China becoming one of the first nations in history to do so.

The Belt and Road Initiative could create the first middle-income African countries in over 400 years

Since colonization began over 400 years ago, the African continent has been stricken with poverty. Imperialism, slavery, and a constant battery of civil wars has consistently made the region one of the poorest on the planet. To this day there is not a single middle-income economy in the whole of Africa and the entire GDP of the continent is roughly equivalent to the country of South Korea.

While internal strife is often credited for the dilapidation of African society, the more likely culprit is foreign intervention in the form of European neocolonialism. Africa's resources are divided amongst various European powers. To this day, the London Stock Exchange trades trillions worth in diamonds, raw materials, and other commodities from de-facto white owned land on the continent.

And they have kept this regime with blood and gunpowder. From 1963, France has assassinated 22 African presidents and thousands of political dissidents in an extensive purge of the African political class. The immigration crisis with thousands of Africans leaving their impoverished countries is very much the result of the policies underwritten by the European aristocracy who have endeavored to maintain their perilous regime. White supremacy is pure evil and must be stopped.

And in a ray of hope, China began investment in the continent and has been sending troops in the form of UN missions. This has made European powers tread much more carefully when attempting to coerce deals from African nations. Since 2012, France has not assassinated a single African president, which is quite the achievement for the baguette smokers considering that they have consistently killed an African political leader every 5 years.

Nations with political stability always tend to be more wealthy than nations without it. And as China has increased its investment in the continent, African countries have been some of the fastest growing economies on the planet.

The Chinese infrastructure strategy works better than the 'aid'.

"There is something about the way the Chinese would treat African delegation no matter how small the country is, no matter how weak its power that most African countries would not get in any European capital"--- Gyude Moore

Watch here for quote:

The European colonial infrastructure is still widely used throughout the continent. It functions as the 'center to the periphery system' where resources are brought from the center to ports on the periphery. The main problem with these developments is that it was meant to export raw materials and not to grow the internal economy.

The aid model hasn't worked either. Oftentimes the aid would just be concentrated in the hands of the African elite who would use the money to flee the country.

The only strategy that has produced genuine economic growth is China's direct construction of infrastructure throughout the continent.

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